Why better rural broadband?

Limited spaces available for this pilot scheme

  • Up to 30Mbps speeds
  • No location is too rural
  • 24 x 7 customer service
  • No phone line required
  • Small dish (76cm)
  • Professional installation


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About Avanti

Avanti is a satellite owner and operator based in London.

Avanti has been a pioneer in rural broadband in the UK, undertaking the very first Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) funded projects as early as 2004, continuing in the South West, Midlands, Scotland, Northern Ireland and increasingly abroad.

We connect people wherever they are. We serve them in their homes, businesses, government and on mobiles. We do so through more than 140 partners in 118 countries. Our network provides ubiquitous internet service to 27% of the world’s population. It delivers the level of Quality and Flexibility that the most demanding telco customers in the world seek.

We have 100% coverage of the UK and Ireland.

About the programme

Using Broadband Delivery UK (BDUK) Market Testing Pilot (MTP) funding, Avanti will pilot a new superfast satellite broadband wholesale platform across the UK to deliver a 30Mbps service to the final 5% using its Ka-band satellite, HYLAS 2.

BDUK involvement means that prices for the kit, installation and monthly tariffs have been greatly reduced, resulting in broadband which is in line with terrestrial broadband pricing, therefore, more accessible to a wider range of rural households and businesses.

How it’s delivered to you

  • Avonline Broadband

    As the UK’s most popular satellite broadband provider, Avonline knows what it takes to get the most rural locations connected quickly and professionally. A friendly UK Helpdesk and experienced installation team means that you get the answers you need and the service you want up to 30Mbps. Avonline also offers packages that are unique in the UK.

    Choosing Avonline Broadband to deliver your broadband means: the UK’s only superfast, satellite broadband service; no phone line required – save over £200 every year; 30 day, no quibble, switch to fibre guarantee; free phone survey to make sure you get the right service.
    Call now and you could be enjoying superfast broadband in about a week.

    Phone today: 0808 231 6614
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  • Europasat

    Europasat is Europe’s largest independent satellite broadband internet service provider (ISP). What that means to you is simple, impartial advice, along with many unique satellite internet tariffs and a level of service you won’t find elsewhere.

    Europasat have worked to ensure that you get the best possible satellite broadband user experience and, of course, the best deal on the web.

    Phone today: 0808 163 4480
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  • Avanti Logo

    Interested in becoming an Avanti Service Provider? Find out how you can join the BDUK pilot scheme. Satellite broadband is the ideal service for anyone who cannot rely upon a terrestrial connection being available. It is independent of distance, quick to install and competitively priced. Avanti has exceptional experience of deploying high speed satellite broadband to

    support homes and businesses that require internet access but cannot get a fixed-line fibre, copper or cable connection. We deliver flexible networks and quality of service so you can offer your customers a reliable and efficient service, wherever they are.

    Enquire to find out more
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If your postcode is not here, you may still be eligible. Please contact one of our Service Providers to find out more.

Don't have time to order today? Send us a message.

You are eligible for better rural broadband

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Don’t have time to order today? Send us a message.

Sorry, you are not eligible for this particular programme.

If your postcode is not here, you may still be eligible.
Please contact one of our Service Providers to find out more.

If you live in Scotland see more info here

If you live in Northern Ireland see more info here

At the moment, we’re focused on premises without access to basic broadband services.

The Digital Scotland Superfast Broadband programme is improving access to broadband across Scotland - please visit the Digital Scotland website to find out what’s happening in your area.

Sorry, you are not eligible for this particular programme.

The Northern Ireland Broadband Improvement Project (NIBIP) is a scheme to provide for the first time, increased or improved broadband services in certain areas. Please visit the NI Broadband website to find out what’s happening in your area.

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